This software was released by Bit Guardian GmbH and they have made it completely free for Windows. It offers a huge array of features to optimize the system drivers. But you can also get a free trial version, although you cannot use it to scan your system and update your drivers.

  • It comes with a great device driver matching technology that helps users find and install the latest updates as per specific manufacturer and PC model.
  • Guiding you with how-to advice, news and tips to upgrade your tech life.
  • Your device can be vulnerable to viruses or hackers, in addition to missing out on new features or performance updates.
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You will be redirected to the sign up page to complete the process. A major function of the application, aside from repairing PC issues, is assisting users in deleting junk files.

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Sometimes it will install custom video drivers, rather than the official ones. Don’t use third party update software to update any drivers. The drivers which these products suggest are not the same as those supplied by the manufacturer of the product you are trying to update. You also need to do as suggested regarding checking the Device Manager for any yellow warnings or red errors indicating that there is a problem with a driver. Go to the manufacturer’s website for the product you need drivers for and download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website only. There are those who would argue that you can use third party drivers, but they are not the same drivers the manufacturer supplied in all most all cases. Another consideration is what else will be included in the driver download from a third party vendor.

Hence, WinZip’s Driver Updater is a perfect tool to avoid driver-related problems. For a free version, this driver update software offers more than you’d expect, taking into account its fast and incredibly designed interface. Those with technical knowledge can update drivers by visiting the manufacturer’s website or Remote NDIS driver free download using Device Manager. However, manually updating drivers can take a toll on you and make you delay the task, as neither you have the time nor the technical expertise. To answer such challenges, Driver updating software is used. It does not provide any support for macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Simply create a backup of all the drivers the software detects and create a backup for yourself using the “backup” feature.